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  Wednesday 2 December 2020

Time slots: 1:00 PM CET | 9:00 PM CET | 5:00 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:00:00

ELISE – First Open Generative Engineering Software Platform

ELISE accelerates the pace of innovation by providing an open software platform that enables automation of the product development process in all disciplines, such as CAD and FEA, in a single environment.

Unlike traditional development processes that rely on the creation of 2D and 3D models, ELISE enables easy-to-use algorithm-based modeling. Engineers only need to define the requirements of the future part – the solid model or a variety of solution variants are then automatically created by the ELISE software. The integrated interfaces to third party software, such as FE systems, in conjunction with multi-objective optimization algorithms also allow the definition of design loops that optimize the component for specific target values such as cost, weight or strength.

In this 1 hour talk Moritz gives an overview over the technology, shows the application of the software with several live demonstrations and Generative Engineering experts from EDAG and HABO Engineering explain the advantages of ELISE in their daily work.


00:00 – 00:43 Introduction
00:44 – 12:44 What is ELISE?
12:45 – 20:04 Customer Examples
20:05 – 28:37 Your way to Generative Engineering
28:38 – 33:52 Live Demo of a simple DNA
33:53 – 39:05 Live Demo of a parametric FEA
39:06 – 43:18 Live Demo of Design Exploration and Optimization
43:19 – 48:40 Live Demo of the reconstruction of topology optimization results
48:41 – 52:53 Live Demo of an automotive steering knuckle DNA
52:54 – 55:20 Voice of Customer (EDAG)
55:21 – 60:15 Voice of Customer (HABO Engineering) and Live Demo of cooling pipe routing
60:15 – 61:27 Summary
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ELISE – First Open Generative Engineering Software Platform