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  Tuesday 1 December 2020   13:30

Time slots: 1:30 PM CET | 9:30 PM CET | 5:30 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:20:00

Simulation Solutions for the Forging Industry of Tomorrow

TRANSVALOR and EnginSoft have partnered together for many years to promote the benefits of process simulation within the manufacturing industry. This joint event will present the most recent developmental additions to the Transvalor software - namely FORGE®, COLDFORM® and SIMHEAT® - dedicated to hot/cold metal forming and heat treatment processes.
Furthermore, we will discuss the Transvalor vision, providing a unique occasion to understand the direction the company is taking to better serve the industry and develop new technologies and product lines.


Introduction | EnginSoft

A brief introduction to welcome the attendees to the event, with a quick presentation of Transvalor and EnginSoft.

Exploring process simulation for hot and cold metal forming applications | EnginSoft

This presentation introduces the latest developments made to the FORGE® and COLDFORM® software. Special attention will be given to the improvements in ease of use and overall user experience. A selection of recent customer applications will highlight the benefits of simulation in the metal forming industry.

How to improve the quality of heat-treated components using FEM simulation | Transvalor

This presentation introduces SIMHEAT® software, which is dedicated to heat treatment processes applied either to volumes or to surfaces. Various applications will be shown including heating in a furnace, annealing/tempering, and surface treatments such as carburizing, nitriding or induction hardening. Moreover, key engineering aspects of the heat treatment of aluminum alloys with the aim of predicting the final mechanical properties of light components will be presented.

Transvalor’s vision to serve the manufacturing industries | Transvalor

This presentation provides detailed insight into Transvalor's vision for the manufacturing industry and highlights the main development axis driving our strategy. We are at a crossroads today when it comes to simulation and we are introducing major evolutions to our software to better serve your businesses.

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Simulation Solutions for the Forging Industry of Tomorrow