Exhibitor initiative

  Wednesday 2 December 2020

Time slots: 10:00 AM CET | 6:00 PM CET | 2:00 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:40:00

Particleworks – mesh-less liquid flow simulation

In the two hours event Prometech and Particleworks Europe will introduce the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method and the industrial applications of Particleworks.
MPS is a mesh-less CFD method for liquid flow analysis and it’s widely used in the automotive and powertrain industry for lubrication and engine cooling simulations.
More recently the method has been adopted for the optimization of oil cooled e-drive and in other industrial sectors like the Food & Beverage and consumer products industry.


Part 1

Moving Particle Simulation and Particleworks introduction | Prometech

Customers examples and industrial applications | Prometech

Recent Application Examples of MPS Based CFD Software Particleworks | Prometech

Part 2

Particleworks for Ansys | Particleworks Europe

E-drives cooling simulation and validation of temperature predictions | Particleworks Europe

Cloud Computing for Particleworks and Multi-GPU Benchmarking | Particleworks Europe

This event is organized by

Prometech and Particleworks Europe

Prometech and Particleworks Europe