Collateral Event

  Friday 4 December 2020

Time slots: 10:30 AM CET | 6:30 PM CET | 2:30 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:28:00


Engineers solve critical problems often under extreme pressure and design new products. To accomplish whilst innovating, they need a strong understanding of materials and how they are used.

In the world of materials the amount of information available has exploded. Digitalisation of this information plays a key role in the digital transformation of industry. To support pervasive simulation you need complex high quality reliable material data. To make decisions you need tools to help you analyse, filter, rank.

The challenges related to international competition, environmental problems, energy consumption and economic crises add to the complexity of the engineers task when it comes to optimising a product design.

In this session we will hear from engineers who have taken up this challenge of innovating through materials in their industry. It will demonstrate how digital information can help make better decisions and design better products.


Introduction | Silvia Di Rosa, EnginSoft
Making the Digital Transformation leap with materials data management | Anne Laure Chabrillat and Freddy Moriniere, Ansys Granta
Materials Engineering in Automatic filling machines | Silvia Rossi and Virginia Melli, TETRA PAK
Optimisation of a new Additive Manufacturing Process through key parameters identification | Didier Boisselier, Irepa Laser
Material Data Management in a Digital Environment | Nicola Campo and Marco Salvatore, Baker HUGHES
Conclusions | Silvia Di Rosa, Anne Laure Chabrillat and Freddy Moriniere
Didier Boisselier

Didier Boisselier | Irepa Laser

Application and Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing chez IREPA LASER
Didier was a key player in the AMAZE European project for Irepa Laser and will demonstrate how clever and digital management of material and process data helped optimise a new additive manufacturing process for production of very large aerospace parts.

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Anne Laure Chabrillat

Anne Laure Chabrillat | Ansys Granta

Anne has been part of Granta materials since 2000 almost the start of the company. Actively working with engineers I have seen the products develop alongside their requirements and the digitalisation of the product development cycle.

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Nicola Campo

Nicola Campo | Baker HUGHES

20 Years of experience in O&G Turbomachinery Requisition, New Product Introduction, Quality and Digital Engineering. Currently responsible for development, maintenance & support of BH TPS Model Based Enterprise.
Previously certified DMAIC MBB for Engineering.
Several years of experience in Reciprocating Compressors as Design Engineer, DFSS BB, NPI team leader. Certified RC Senior Engineer.

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Silvia Di Rosa

Silvia Di Rosa | EnginSoft, Ordine Ingegneri di Trento and AIDIA

Silvia Di Rosa is Sale Operations and Product Managers Coordinator at EnginSoft Italy, Trento office. She also worked in the R&D group, as an expert in publicly funded, national and European projects. From her degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Trento (1999) until 2013 she worked at the Fiat Research Center first in Orbassano (TO) and then in the Trento office. The last position held in Fiat was head of the Low Investment Technologies department, a reference for the FCA group for composite, sheet metal and foundry forming technologies with a view to lightening vehicles.
She is also authorized to prepare sworn appraisals to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 tax incentives and to be an energy certifier for the autonomous province of Trento.
For three years she has been treasurer advisor of the Order of Engineers of Trento and treasurer member of the Board of Directors of the Negrelli Foundation, a body that provides training for engineers. He is Representative of the Council of Trento at the table of Female Engineers of the National Council of Engineers and is the referent for the Council of Trento of the Second and Third Sector and Project Management commissions. Since February of this year she has been President of the Trento Section of AIDIA (Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects).

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Virginia Melli

Virginia Melli | TETRA PAK

Virginia Melli is a material engineer and her role in Tetra Pak is Development engineer.
Her activities are:
Root cause analysis and solution of corrosion issues on stainless steels, aluminum alloys, copper and silver alloys
Life test of machine drawn and commercial components, against corrosion and degradation in food packaging machine environments (working and cleaning condition)
Materials (plastic and rubber, metals ion release, corrosion and oxidation at high temperature) selection and testing for food packaging machine parts supporting issue resolution and reliability engineering activities
Surface treatment (for corrosion resistance, wear reduction and easy-to-clean ability) selection and testing for food packaging machine parts supporting issue resolution and reliability engineering activities

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Freddy Moriniere

Freddy Moriniere | Ansys Granta

With a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Aerospace Structural Integrity, Freddy is currently a member of the Ansys Application Engineering Team for the EMEA market.
From his R&D background in metallic, composites and hybrid materials and his knowledge on the aerospace qualification and manufacturing processes, he is now broadening his skills for additive manufacturing.

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Silvia Rossi

Silvia Rossi | TETRA PAK

Silvia Rossi is a material Engineer at Tetra pak.
She has the role of Advance knowledge in processes, technologies production and manufacturing of main materials classes such as polymers, ceramics, metals and composite materials and prevision about in situ behaviour, she has a Technical understanding of several processing engineering technologies and several raw materials properties within their behaviour and response to external stresses (mechanical, thermal and chemical); She has Technical-experimental expertise and knowledge about applicable production technologies to different materials classes and how plan a manufacturing sequence to accomplish minimal cost and best quality.

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