Exhibitor initiative

  Monday 30 November 2020

Time slots: 12:00 AM CET | 8:00 PM CET | 4:00 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:50:00

Stress analysis without stress for engineers

PASS team will present software solutions for smart and easy to use pressure vessels, nozzles and piping systems stress analysis and sizing, with embedded knowledge and flexible integration with CAD systems.
Join us for latest update of PASS software features and demonstration!



What is PASS software
Who are the team behind it
Where to see PASS at CAE Conference 2020

Pressure vessels stress analysis and sizing

PASS/EQUIP software for vessels, columns, tank and heat exchanger stress analysis

Nozzle/Shell Junction stress analysis

PASS/Nozzle-FEM software for nozzle stress analysis

Piping stress analysis and sizing

PASS/START-Prof software for piping systems smart stress analysis
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