Collateral Event

  Thursday 3 December 2020

Time slots: 2:00 PM CET | 10:00 PM CET | 6:00 AM+1 CET

Duration: 01:36:00

Hear from leading organisations in Transmissions

As the industry accelerates to breakthrough in electrification, OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are under pressure to design improved transmission systems to meet industry goals.

Join the dedicated transmission session to understand:

  • the development challenges
  • the importance of innovation
  • the future of transmissions

Leading industry representatives will provide an insight into the latest methods used to optimise performance and efficiency for the next generation of transmission development.


Industry views


Ricardo Automotive & Industrial


Case study

Royal Enfield Case Study - Optimisation of the Piston cooling oil jet

How-to-presentations using Particleworks


Discover a simple method to define a complex motion for a planetary gear set. A method developed by EnginSoft with industry engineers to streamline the engineering process for an often complicated step in the model build.

Churning Losses

Learn how to quickly and easily go from CAD to simulation in days, easily calculating churning losses reduction. A step that is typically limited by physical testing now allows engineers to run numerous design iterations to find the best designs in no time.

David Percival

David Percival | EnginSoft UK

Andy Morley

Andy Morley | Hewland

Jo Elgood

Jo Elgood | Ricardo Automotive & Industrial

Adam Feneley

Adam Feneley | Xtrac

Hear from leading organisations in Transmissions
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EnginSoft GmbH
Hear from:
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