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Breakdown of participants by geographic region

Italy 44%
Europe 34%
America 6%
Africa 1.5%
Asia and Oceania 14.5%

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Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation Session

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Energy, Oil & Gas Session

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About the 36th edition

The 2020 International CAE Conference and Exhibition will take place as a virtual event from November 30 to December 4, 2020, thus allowing it to engage even more people internationally and on a greater scale than ever before, to enable thought leaders, business decision makers, partners, customers and suppliers to continue to take advantage of the event, in spite of the challenges being posed by the global pandemic.

The theme for this year’s edition is "At the epicenter of the digital transformation of industry" and this virtual evolution of the event greatly highlights this strategic role. Staying true to this form, the 2020 event will underscore how engineering simulation is the lynchpin for a successful transformation project when implemented within a balanced and coherent strategy, playing a central and interdependent role among technologies to achieve the organization’s business objectives within the context of a specific industry sector.

Identifying and then implementing the most appropriate infrastructure – both as a set, and as a concatenation, of technologies, human resources and methods – must be inspired by the same principles of centrality and independence, while also taking into account the industrial sector, the size of the organization and the location of each of the individuals in the production chain. This year’s conference will get to grips with all of this and more.

In addition, the virtual exhibition will offer participants the opportunity to explore the broadest gamut of specific engineering simulation technologies, the various complementary technologies originating from Industry 4.0, the exciting and innovative opportunities available to interconnect them, as well as the new opportunities that emerge from this interconnection.

While respecting the origins, tradition and format of the International CAE Conference, this new virtual lens provides innumerable opportunities:

  • fully explore the news, trends, and technologies in a structured format
  • easily access content-rich information via the digital technologies
  • reach an exponentially larger international community, irrespective of geographical location or time zone
  • identify and select specific interest paths to follow and find the players, speakers and participants engaged in those tracks
  • take advantage of innovative new opportunities for interaction, networking, exploration of synergies and debate
  • explore and engage with the critical issues – both pre-Covid, as well as the sea changes catapulted upon industry by the pandemic – confronting businesses everywhere

This year’s event promises to be richer and more fruitful than ever before, offering ample occasions to network and discuss the pressing issues presented by this unprecedented year, and their long-term implications for business and industry at large.

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